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The ICYPAA Forum is the primary means by which the ICYPAA Advisory Council demonstrates transparency to and is held accountable by the A.A. members it serves -- the attendees of ICYPAA. It is held on a yearly basis at ICYPAA, and will be attended by the entire active Advisory Council, representative members of each bidding city, and any registered A.A. attendee of ICYPAA.

It consists of two back-to-back 1-hour sessions. During the first session, Council officers and sub-committee chairs will give brief reports covering their activities on behalf of ICYPAA during the year. Attendees are highly encouraged to ask questions during this session.

The second session is made up entirely of questions from attendees who line up at the mic, drop an anonymous question in the ask-it-basket, or who submit questions for the Forum to us during the year on

Every question will receive an answer. If time prohibits any question from being answered during the ICYPAA Forum, it will be covered in the final report for that year's Forum. Final Reports will be available on 30 days after ICYPAA and an email notification will be sent out to all of those who sign up for ICYPAA updates.

Download the 60th ICYPAA Forum Final Report

Download the 59th ICYPAA Forum Final Report

Download the 58th ICYPAA Forum Final Report

Download the 57th ICYPAA Forum Final Report

Download the 56th ICYPAA Forum Final Report

Download the 55th ICYPAA Forum Final Report

Download the 54th ICYPAA Forum Final Report

Aug 22 TO 25, 2019

The 61st ICYPAA will be held in Boston in 2019! Book your hotel room HERE!

Main Speakers

What qualities do you like most in a main speaker at ICYPAA?


May 17, 2017

David H.