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Era of Change Tee

For pick up at the conference only!


Themed graphics on front and back

“The 64th ICYPAA Austin, Texas” and “Era Of Change” on the back with pieces of our branding.

Asterisk on the front. This symbol is used throughout our graphics cohesively.

The asterisk has 2 meanings: The lone star for the state of Texas. The more subtle secondary meaning is that the asterisk is used as a footnote in The Big Book for a change or clarification without making material changes to the literature. In several of these footnotes, there are references showing a change over time to the present day. So this small but bold symbol is a nod to our theme and the conference.



Pg 25 of The Big Book

The great fact is just this, and nothing less: That we

have had deep and effective spiritual experiences*

*Fully explained--Appendix II.


Disclaimer: Realistic model used in photos - shirt color and placement may be slightly different in final product. 

Era of Change Tee

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