A phrase often heard around the tables of AA is, "never say no to a request to be of service". I remember past-delegate Ginny J. saying something like this to me at our area 38 assemblies in eastern Missouri. When elder statespersons like Ginny J. say something I do my best to listen. Service has been an integral part of the "new design for living" that AA has provided.

When I was 16 I took my first drink which happened to be anise flavored liquor that I stole. It burned going down my throat but once I experienced the effect, it was beyond worth it. I thought I finally understood what had been missing from my life. Having grown up in a home with left brain thinkers, I enjoyed math and science. This scientific approach even carried over into my drinking. I tried different types of alcohol and experimented with controlling my drinking.

When I went away to college I drank more often because despite being underage it was a lot easier to get alcohol than it was in high school. After dropping out of school and returning home to my parents I was miserable and ended up in treatment and then in AA. 

It seemed like there wasn't a whole lot of young people's meetings when I was new to AA. I got involved in starting up a young people's meeting called "Service For Serenity" on Saturday nights. I was the group's first secretary and starting going to district meetings and area assemblies right away. The people in the AA service structure really welcomed me and a few other young people I knew into doing service work. It wasn't long before we were starting a YPAA committee.

In 2007 I started sponsoring a couple of guys who have a passion for the arts. It seemed ironic to me that I would attract someone so dynamically opposite me in this aspect. One of the guys that I still sponsor today is an accomplished artist who even draws and sells his own comic book. I have always found the skills of drawing, painting or producing art in other ways fascinating. 

Maybe my admiration for the arts is what makes me an advocate for a project that was started in 2012. It is called the Crowd Sourced Animation Project. The project needs help from artists who can help produce digital pictures to illustrate an audio story that was recorded by Johnny C. at the 54th ICYPAA in St. Louis. Maybe it was meant to be considering that the theme of the 54th ICYPAA was "Animated by the Spirit of Service" which was adapted from AA's Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p.175

A complete description of the project is available at this link: www.icypaa.org/animation

If you are reading this and able to help I hope you will answer this call to be of service by saying "Yes".