55th ICYPAA Host Committee Meeting: Vol. 3

After a reminder of how to behave like adults in a group setting, we commence our 4.47-hour host meeting with a full agenda and a missing secretary's report (thanks, Brooke).

Angela (Graphics Chair) gives her report while standing up, which means she has some SERIOUS BUSINES to cover. We bask in her awesomeness and she receives a resounding round of applause after giving her updates.

Jeff (Program Chair) must have been really hungry on this fine Sunday, because he chews with his mouth open while delivering his report.

Roberto (Panelist Researcher) STILL needs names of potential panelists, and is excited to get to work after four months of asking for the same thing over and over.

Louise (Events Chair) only mentions the word "skeleton" once in her report. She also says "see me after the meeting" to every single person who gives a report... wtf?

Jessica (Member at Large) has written a thesis on the Black Ops Tourney room (which needs games and controllers) and a dissertation on her pre-conference event idea. She will soon have a Ph.D. in "Detailed Reports About Fun Sh$%."

Jacquie (Website Chair) has officially been deemed the "Toddler Whisperer," as we are half- way through the meeting before anyone notices that Lucas (the 2 year old) is even in the building. Amazing!

Jonathan (Service Chair) has at this point actually become part Wulf and forgets the name of his pack. He does, however, go on to call the Area Assembly a "party like none other." It's amazing what us sober folk find exhilarating these days.

Sarah (Member at Large) announces before we begin elections and voting that it is "now time to shut your mouth." So eloquent, well played, and much appreciated.

Rae (Clean Up Chair) gives a moving qualification for her clean up position, which brings tears to the eyes of everyone and reminds us just how great this committee is and how service at any and all levels benefits us all.

Brooke (Co-Secretary) does a double pike toe touch when she is voted in for her position via acclimation, and shows up 30 minutes late for her first assignment (previously mentioned secretary's report).

Steve (Prayer and Unity Chair) says a total of five prayers at different parts of the meeting for various reasons, and considers leading us in a round of "Kumbaya."

Number of times Lindsay says "If you have to talk, please go outside": 33
Number of people who stand for Literature Chair position: 47
Number of people who stand for International Outreach position: 1
Number of people smoking electronic cigarettes: 9
Actual length of the 5-minute break: 16 minutes
Number of times the word "skeleton" is mentioned: 4
First person to say "Outreach is everyone's job": Chris. Total mentions this week: 4
Decibel level of the Responsibility Declaration: 110...out-freaking-standing, ya'll!