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Bid Requirements


Revised February 12, 2017

The ICYPAA bid package consists of documentation showing that the committee has met the bid requirements. A finalized bid package must be provided to the Advisory Chairperson in PDF format no later than twenty-four (24) days prior to the start of the Conference. Committees are required to provide two (2) hard copies of their bid package - which will remain on the bid tables throughout the conference weekend. No changes are permitted between the PDF copy and the hard copy. 

ICYPAA Bid Packet Requirements

Requirement #1) Create a roster of committee members.

Requirement #2) Provide detailed financial records from all committee activities.

Requirement #3) Detail the committee’s efforts to engage in AA's legacies of recovery, unity and service.

Requirement #4) Supply documentation that shows the committee has read, understands, and agrees to comply with the Host Committee Responsibilities.

Requirement #5) Produce a copy of the committee's proposed host committee guidelines, operating procedures and/or structure.

Requirement #6) Present a list of large-scale AA and non-AA activities scheduled to take place in your bidding region near the proposed conference dates.

Requirement #7) Produce a concise summary of applicable federal, state, provincial and local tax/business laws.

Requirement #8) Develop proposed conference theme and graphics for conference outreach material.

Requirement #9) Create a tentative outline of the conference program for each proposed facility.

Requirement #10) Present detailed proposed conference budgets that take into account variations in facility and AV costs.

Requirement #11) Obtain commitments from two or more distinct facilities able to accommodate the entire conference, both in sleeping rooms and meeting space.

Requirement #12) Obtain two quotes for audio-visual equipment and services for each proposed facility.

For detailed information about how to complete the bidding requirements and suggestions about what each bidding requirement should contain, please visit ICY Connect. For examples from past bid books, please contact


The 62nd ICYPAA will be hosted by Lousiana in 2020. Please stay tuned for more information. 

Main Speakers

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