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Have Bid Related Questions?

The communication lines are always open between the Advisory Council and the ICYPAA Bid Committees.

When emailing questions or requests for feedback to individual Council members, please bear in mind that their responses are based on their qualified experience only and that they do not speak for the Advisory Council as a whole.

All correspondence sent to is responded to by the Advisory Council Secretary. If feedback is requested the Secretary will compile the responses of all Council members and reply in a timely manner. While this is a great way to get feedback from the entire Council, sometimes bidders have questions that warrant the consideration of one of our Council sub-committees.

If you have questions related to specific bid requirements, or want to us to review all or part of your bid package prior to the deadline, you can communicate directly with the Advisory Council sub-committees charged with reviewing and summarizing those requirements for the full Council.

Use the following links to email us bid-related questions or requests for feedback:

Hotel Subcommittee: Requirements 11, 12
Finance Subcommittee: Requirements 2, 7, 10
Web Subcommittee: Requirements 1, 8
Bid Developement Subcommittee: Requirements 5, 9 (content only)
General Service Subcommittee: Requirements 3, 4, 6

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May 17, 2017

David H.