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Why do I need an ICYPAA account?

After years and years of host committees reinventing the wheel when it came to online registration, In 2012 the ICYPAA Advisory Council implemented a standardized online registration system to better serve both the ICYPAA attendees and the host committees. There are many benefits to this system including quicker registration times and more accurate records. While the system does require an attendee to "log-in" in order to register, we are actually requiring less of your personal information (no more address, city, state, etc.). Once you have created an account, you'll never have to enter the information again, unless you need to update it.

This new registration system will be ready to be utilized by each new host committee immediately after they are awarded ICYPAA, saving them from months of setup time and not being able to offer online registration to eager ICYPAA attendees.

We anticipate that this system will have its fair share of challenges, as all things technologically-driven do. We hope that you'll bear with us in its early stages as we traverse the learning curve and try to serve your needs.