55th ICYPAA Host Committee Meeting: Vol. 1

Below is a transcript of a day in the life of the 55th ICYPAA Host Committee. Facts may have been changed to make fun of the guilty. Enjoy!

3:00 pm on Sunday

We sit, pray and then open the meeting. The great thing about our group is that even though we were all out ‘till well past our bedtimes last night (#masquerade ball), we still look damn good. The whole "us being sober" thing may have something to do with this.

Lindsay (Chair) takes a long drag from her new e-cigarette, puts it down next to her pack of real cigarettes, and calls the meeting to order.

Laura (Secretary), having heard about the thirty-seven-minute long reading of the minutes from last meeting, graciously presents handouts to everyone. Sixty-seven people motion to accept the minutes, forty-six people simultaneously second the motion. Motion passes.

Talbot (Treasurer) reads the Treasurer's report which sounds like: "blah blah blah." Treasurer's report is somehow accepted.

Chris (Outreach) decides that he will give his update while seated (for once) and seems to be the only person who does not say that "outreach is everyone's job" this week.

Casey (Outreach Co-Chair) somehow fits mention of his beard into his report, which doesn't make much sense, but seems to make people happy nonetheless.

Brent (Member at Large) stumbles in late sporting...a haircut. Miracles happen every day in these rooms.

Jonathan (Advisory Underboss) looks pretty creepy while observing from the back corner.

Nicole (Signage Chair) is nowhere to be found which leaves Lindsay to do the "shushing" this week.

Some of the more notable occurrences from today's meeting include:


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Sep 1 to 4, 2016

Thanks to Florida and the 57th ICYPAA Host Committee for an amazing weekend. Congratulations to Tennesee on being awarded the 58th ICYPAA. See you in 2016!!!

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